Mon, Feb 17, 2020


Oil products trading

     The company deals with the trading – purchase activity in the field of oil processing products and gas. Our main task is to provide all the needs of our regular partners. Availability of partner’s and friendly relations with leading oil product manufacturers gives our company the opportunity to offer our clients optimal prices, high service level and individual approach to each client, to provide wide choice of oil processed products, to organize the nonstop  good’s delivery in time. The developed geography of deliveries gives an opportunity to notice such factors as the location of consumer’s enterprise, oil processing factory, transport expenditure, chemical and other features of delivering goods. We deal with all possible ways of delivery the oil, oil and gas processing products to the definite consumer.


Oil products for sale

  • Petrol of all sorts and types
  • Gas petrol stale
  • Diesel oil of all sorts and types
  • Furnace fuel
  • Domestic fuel
  • Car oil
  • Ship oil
  • Gas condensate stale

     The assortment of goods for sale is not limited. If this list does not contain the product you need, please, get in touch with our manager.