Mon, Feb 17, 2020


Investment activity

     Investment with the aim of reaching the profit no matter to the investment object and the volume of money means is considers to be called as an investment activity.
     We also are the providers to the capital of main world state investment funds ( Sovereigh wealth fund - SWF), such as UAE – Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Investment corporation of Dubai, China – China Investment Corporation, Singapore – Government Investment corp., Temasek Holding, Qatar – Qatar Investment Authority and others. Also we collaborate with private equity funds (PEF) such as the USA – TPG Capital, Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co, Blackstone, Japan – Nomure Group, Malaysia – Maybank.

Investment fields:

  • Basic fields of modernization
  • Innovation sectors
  • Oil extracting and processing
  • Modern engineering
  • Technological mine workings of the most important locations
  • Agriculture and supply retail
  • House building and building materials
  • Telecommunication and information technologies

 Our services:

  • Working out the ways of attracting finances for the projects” realization
  • Selection suitable decisions for the practical projects” realization
  • Organization of a decision’s execution about projects” realization ( according to the customer’s agreement)
  • Selection credit, insurance, investment and financial establishments for the organization of projects” financing
  • Working out the contract documents about the import of goods and equipment
  • Agreement financial conditions of an import goods and equipment
  • Agreement the conditions of supplying goods and equipment and the investment’s returning